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Irrigation Installation & Maintenance

residential irrigation

Lawn irrigation systems help maintain healthy and lush turf. A sprinkler system is an affordable and efficient solution to protect your investment and ensure your plants and lawn are receiving the amount of water they need to thrive. DS Lawn Care utilizes smart irrigation systems to deliver proper coverage, providing a reliable and trouble-free method to manage water resources. 

Irrigation systems require regular maintenance to maintain proper functionality. Systems with regular checkups allow us to find leaks and identify areas that are not receiving proper coverage, keeping your system running efficiently. DS Lawn Care will create a service agreement for regular check-ups and repairs, or we offer fall winterization services and spring turn-ons. 

DS Lawn Care offers new design and installation, retrofitting of existing systems to increase efficiency, and repair and maintenance for existing systems.

  • Smart technology to provide a healthy beautiful landscape while reducing water use

  • Remote and programable control systems accessible with wifi and on your phone

  • Rain, freeze, and moisture sensors

  • Drip Irrigation Systems

  • Drip installation for flower pots and baskets

  • Monthly maintenance plans available for customers desiring optimum performance post-installation

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